2 X-axis buckets in vertical bars visualization


I have an elasticsearch index that represents software automation tests regressions. each document represents a test

The index has the following fields: regression_id, start_date,attr_x,attr_y.
I have Vertical Bar visualization that its' X-axis is daily Date histogram on start_date.
and Y -axis is count of tests that were ran in the regression that was started at this date.
There are two buckets that split series according attr_x and attr_y.
Bars are stacked bar. so the tests of each regression is grouped by attr_x and attr_y and it is seen very well on the bar.

The problem:

Multiple regressions can be started at the same day... so on one day there is no distinction between tests of different regression.

I would like to another split on X-axis - keep the daily Date histogram on "start_date" but add another split that is based on the term "regression_id".
in this way there will be a bar for each regression. and if there are two regression on the same day there will be two bars on this day (and each bar will still have "stacked" split for grouping attr_x and attr_y)

can you advise on how to do this?

i would do a split chart for this for the second split, on "regression_id". If you do another split series the chart will become hard to read sadly.

Thanks Marius.
what i really want is to add another series on "regression_id" and change the metrics mode to be "stacked" for most of the splits and normal for "regression_id" split in this way if there are 2 regression on the same day there will be 2 bars on this day. bar for each regression.
it it possible to do it?


i asked about that earlier, but it's not possible for now. It might become possible with Lens, but that is still some way away from being finished.

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