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Using 5.0? Please join our #x-pack list!
Watcher is a commercial plugin for Elasticsearch that allows you to trigger alerts and notifications based on changes in your data. For an overview and demo video, click here.

(Vadim Nesterov) #2


I am very interested in Watcher integration with Zabbix monitoring system.
You wrote that it could be integrated with Nagios, any docs how intergation works?

(Steve Kearns) #3

Hi Вадим,

Thank you for your interest in Watcher! Uri and I will be discussed the details and demo of Watcher in a Wednesday, 5/20 webinar. It's now posted for replay. One of the topics will be integration with 3rd party systems like Zabbix. After the webinar, we'll be actively and directly answering questions here.


(Vadim Nesterov) #4

Thanks, I am going to watch :slight_smile:

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