Anonymous Access problem in Kibana

Hi Elastic team,
My ELK version is 7.2 and running on CentOS7.
I have configured x-pack security and it works perfectly.
But in official demo web official kibana demo .
I found that there is no login page and visitors will auto login with a user 'Guest User'.

What I would like to implement is:

  1. Let visitors auto login with my self-defined Guest User when visiting Kibana page, just like in official kibana demo .

  2. When clicking logout, it will redirect to login page so administrators could login with their admin users(more privileges).

I only found doc and Anonymous access but it doesn't work.
Is it possible to do?

Thank You!

The only way to really get proper anonymous access working in Kibana right now is to use a reverse proxy to provide the Basic Auth headers. I think you could then simply pass through requests that already have security credentials so that an admin could log in to their own account and still access Kibana.

Hi Bargs,
Thanks for your suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:
I also found this Anonymous access to Kibana using nginx .
But it doesn't allow logout.
I will keep studying about this.

Thank You!

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