Cannot setup Elasticsearch cluster

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What do your logs show?

Which log file should I check.

I checked Elasticsearch.log and es-cluster.log files. I don't see any log related to the other node.
It behaves like it is a single node cluster and the cluster's health is green.

Can you please review my yaml files. Have I missed something, does it look correct?
Assuming the IP addresses that i set to and discovery.seed.hosts properties are correct.

Elasticsearch logs, if you can post them that would be helpful.

In addition to providing the logs that Mark asked for I would recommend checking that the nodes can connect to port 9300 on the other host and that no firewall rules are blocking traffic.

From Elasticsearch.log there isn't anything useful written there. On es-cluster.log file there is some information.

Check the logs

first node logs:

second node logs:

If that's the problem, how can I override port 9300 in the Elasticsearch.yml file?

UPDATE: I changed the gist links