Combining a dat field and a time field into a single timestamp

I have a text log with date and time listed as 2 separate fields and I want to combine them into a single date-time to use as my timestamp in Kibana.

The entry looks like this:
10/03/19 18:04:40

My conf looks something like thins:
grok {
match => { "%{DATA:loggedDate} %{DATA:loggedTime}" }
mutate {
add_field => { "%{eventLongTime}" => "%{loggedDate} %{loggedTime}" }
date {
match => [ "%{eventLongTime}", "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss" ]

Currently this produces the correct information in eventLongTime when I look at the stdout it says
%{eventLongTime} => 10/03/19 18:04:40. but the date match is still all wrong. If anyone has any ideas or advice I'd appreciate it.

Your date has a two-digit year, "19". You should use yy instead of yyyy in the date format of the date filter. The following should work:

MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss

Thanks abdon!
That seemed to do the trick.

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