Connect APM to Elastic Cloud


I have previously setup a local ELK-stack with the APM-module for NodeJS; apm-agent-nodejs. This worked without any issues, so the next step was to move everything to the cloud. We decided to go with Elastics own cloud product, but we can't seem to find any documentation anywhere regarding how to connect the APM for NodeJS to Elastic Cloud. We're given cloud auths and cloud ids, but there's nowhere to connect the two to each other.

Is it possible to run the node APM server with Elastic Cloud?

Hey @esemdis,

You can currently connect your Elastic APM server to an Elasticsearch Service hosted deployment in the same you would if you were managing the Elasticsearch cluster by configuring the desired output. You will be required to manage the APM server on your own. Then you will link your agent to the APM which will index the data in the hosted Elasticsearch cluster.

We are actively working on adding support for managed APM servers as part of your deployments which will allow you to manage the APM server in the same way you do with the other components, such the Kibana instances, Machine Learning nodes, Elasticsearch nodes, etc.

Stay tuned for more news!

To add to what @zanbel wrote, there are specific settings that simplify the configuration for using APM server with Elastic Cloud.

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