Consistent colors in a dashboard

Hi everyone,

Let's imagine an index with logs coming from different hosts.

I would like to have :

  1. a list of the 10 top hosts with a color assigned to each one
  2. a donut chart which would allow to see the proportion of documents per host, with the same color assigned to each host
  3. a heatmap showing the doc_count of each host as a timeseries, still keeping the same color assigned to each host

The point here would be to be able to

  • avoid having multiple legends around the dashboard
  • have a unity between the colors of the different visualizations

Is it possible ? And if so, how ?

I saw this feature request talking about something similar. The answer was the option visualization:colorMapping.

The problem is that, as I understand the feature, it is something static. The point here would be to have the colors dynamically mapped to the top 10 hosts (in order to avoid having to "hard code" everything by hand (which would be fine with 50 hosts, but not so much with 1000).
(EDIT: the problem with hard coding the colors would also be that there would be a greater chance to have 2 pretty similar colors on the dashboard at any point. Having 10 dynamically mapped would make sure that they're all pretty different)

I hope that all needed information is in this post, otherwise let me know.

Looking forward to reading your answers.



Did you got any reply. If so please post it. My requirement is exactly what is mentioned here .

Unfortunately, as you can see here, there wasn't any reply concerning that question.

I hope someone will be able to help us soon !

Any Kibana guru who could give a hint about the issue ?

So, quick update here. This is currently not possible.

There is a Feature Request on Github if you want to follow the progress.

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