Curator Filters output inconsistency - Depending on action type : close

I have created an action file to close the indices whose timestamp pattern is %Y.%m.%d. In my indices, there are two types of same pattern i.e. metricbeat-7.3.2-2020.03.23 and kubernetes-7.5.1-2020.03.23. But after running the action file for closing the indices in dry run mode, it is only showing the Kubernetes index but not the metricbeat index.

//Please help me out!!

My action.yml is


1: action: close description: close indices options: delete_aliases: False timeout_override: continue_if_exception: True disable_action: False filters: - filtertype: age source: name direction: older timestring: '%Y.%m.%d' unit: days unit_count: 5 exclude:

kubernetes metricbeat >

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