Custom analyzer don't match with ASCII folding filter values

I'm using a custom rebuilt turkish analyzer like this:

"analysis": {
        "turkish_lowercase": {
          "type":       "lowercase",
          "language":   "turkish"
        "turkish_stop": {
          "type":       "stop",
          "stopwords":  "_turkish_" 
          "type" : "asciifolding",
          "preserve_original" : true
      "analyzer": {
        "rebuilt_turkish": {
          "tokenizer": "standard",
          "filter": [

My data is in turkish language. I'm using data folding to match for all possible inputs(for example assuming icralik and ıcralık as same, ı is a different vowel than i)

My text contains this sentence:

...kartlarının borcundan dolayı icralık duruma düşmesi üzerine...

When I test my text with the _analyze api using my custom analyzer, I get this result as I expected ( icralık is the original version inside the text and icralik is the folded one):

When I search for "icralık duruma" I can get the result without a problem:

But when I execute the same search query with folded text "icralik duruma" I get no results:

What am I doing wrong?

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