Dashboard not showing multi-year data

Exactly as the title suggests, our dashboards will not load data for both 2019 and 2020 but will show the correct data for each year separately.

For example, I can set the time filter to Oct 11 2019 to Dec 31 2019 and can see 150 hours worth of processing, however when I change this to Oct 11 2019 to now, effectively previous 3 months, I can only see 5 hours worth of processing data which is the exact data from Jan 1 2020 to today.

Is this something I can change in settings or config or have no control over?



This seems to be an issue with the Time Series vis builder. Which is the appropriate interval to use? We have always just used >1y but this is now showing limited data.

Can you clarify where you see the >1y filter in TSVB? The interval for a date histogram can be auto-determined based on the size of the time window, but >1y looks like it is some other option.

It's in the bottom right of the TSVB

When we use a smaller value, obviously it's more limited, and when we use auto it defaults to a 3hr window which isn't what we want to see, we want the data represented for the time period selected, if we have a startdate in 2019 and enddate in 2020, both logs should be represented but they're not which is why we've had to bail on TSVB and rebuild our Metrics.



Hi, in 7.4.0 there was a Panel option added labeled "Data timerange mode" that lets you choose between "Last value" and "Entire time range"

  • Entire time range will match all the documents selected in the time picker.
  • Last value will match only the documents for the specified interval from the end of the time range.

Before this setting, the number displayed for the TSVB metric visualization could only be based on the last bucket, not the entire time range.

I found the code change that added this feature, which has a bit more information: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/37185

I hope that helps!


This is incredible, we need to upgrade.

Thank you!

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