Date Filter not working, not even Indexing with _dateparsfailure tag

I have one field named event-reporting-time which has a string like this: "Mar 27 2018 02:32:10 AM -07:00", I have used the following filter :
date {
match => [ "event-reporting-time", "MMM dd yyyy KK:mm:ss aa ZZ", "MMM dd yyyy K:mm:ss aa ZZ"]

It doesn't work and doesn't even output with _dateparsefailure tag.

i further tested removing the trailing ZZ from the match, and it indexes data with _dateparsefailure tag.

Then I deleted -07:00 from the date and with the ZZ already removed, again no indexing happens. Any clue whats going on?

How do you know it is not indexed? In Kibana, does the time range you are viewing include the morning of March 27th? When I pass that string to that date filter it successfully sets @timestamp to 2018-03-27T09:32:10.000Z

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Well, the index I'm creating doesn't get created.

OMFG! You're right!!
This whole time whenever I was thinking is not indexing, it was actually indexing at the earlier date!! Thanks a lot!

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