Display documents with tags in a sorted order


We use API to index our documents and store tags in our documents. Use tags as filters to search for the documents. We have a requirement to show documents with more tags from the user filter list that need to be displayed first.

Example :

Doc1 has tags A, B

Doc2 has tags A, C

Doc3 has tags A, B, C, D

User searches using filters A, C, D

Search results should be displayed in the sorted order with docs which have more -> less user filter tags

Doc3(A, C, D),

Doc2(A, C)


Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Rahul,

Have you tried using the Weights tool to give A, B, C, D more weights (increasing with the order you want them to show up in first)? That's probably the closest functionality you'll find to what you're asking, unless you want to try creating manual Result Rankings ordered by tags as well.

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