Dropdown control panel Kibana does not recognize and autocomplete search filter


In the control panel I use in Kibana, the dropdown list does not recognize all keywords that are available in the data. The dropdown list also does not change while typing in the required filters, so the autocompletion does not work. All documents contain the field to be filtered in a wide range of different keywords. When the required filters are applied by 'Add filter' below the search bar, the autocompletion also does not work but the filters could be applied properly.

How could this be fixed, in order to be able to filter all available keywords in the control panel with autocompletion?
Thanks for your suggestions.

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What version of Kibana are you using? The controls visualization uses a terms aggregation to populate the dropdown list. The terms aggregation will return incomplete results if the query takes longer than 1 second or scans more than 100000 documents. Starting in 7.3, users can configure these increase these settings with kibana.autocompleteTimeout and kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter in kibana.yml.

See https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17388 for more details about the problem and https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/37643 for the merged solution.


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