Elastic 2.6 Monitoring with 6.x

(Karthik Ramachandran) #1

We have a older cluster running in ES version 2.6. Can I send the monitoring data of this cluster to a newer version ES cluster, that is running 6.2 and used as monitoring cluster?

If yes, does the dashboards and other work seamless?

Need info urgently.

Thanks for help.

(David Pilato) #2

Read this and specifically the "Also be patient" part.

Putting (Urgent) in the title is useless.
And I don't think this is more urgent than a cluster which is down...

Anyway. No you can't do that.
BTW Elasticsearch 2.6 does not exist. I supposed you meant 2.4.6?

(Karthik Ramachandran) #3

Thanks David. It can be inferred from elasic compatibility article. Regardless, thought of checking as the monitoring data is getting stored in a indice.

BTW . .removed (URGENT) :slight_smile:

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