Elastic search daemon die

I have a problem with elasticseach: the daemon is dying. i have received a crash report from abrt daeon: http://pastebin.com/caQVRzPs

the server is running centos 6 + cpanel + cloudlinux.

Some idea to debug this?


What does the ES log show? Also check your OS syslog as it may be oomkiller.

My /var/log/messases doesn't show anything about elasticsearch.

In elasticsearch i have this:

[2015-07-13 14:51:58,885][INFO ][node ] [Sushi] version[1.5.2], pid[884426], build[62ff986/2015-04-27T09:21:06Z]
[2015-07-13 14:51:58,885][INFO ][node ] [Sushi] initializing ...
[2015-07-13 14:51:58,891][INFO ][plugins ] [Sushi] loaded [], sites []
[2015-07-13 14:52:02,566][INFO ][node ] [Sushi] initialized
[2015-07-13 14:52:02,567][INFO ][node ] [Sushi] starting ...
[2015-07-13 14:52:02,793][INFO ][transport ] [Sushi] bound_address {inet[/]}, publish_address {inet[/]}
[2015-07-13 14:52:02,814][INFO ][discovery ] [Sushi] elasticsearch/fFU7xPWSRYWT7DBAhIRZ8w
[2015-07-13 14:52:02,827][WARN ][discovery.zen.ping.multicast] [Sushi] failed to send multicast ping request: IOException[Operation not permitted]
[2015-07-13 14:52:04,328][WARN ][discovery.zen.ping.multicast] [Sushi] failed to send multicast ping request: IOException[Operation not permitted]
[2015-07-13 14:52:05,830][WARN ][discovery.zen.ping.multicast] [Sushi] failed to send multicast ping request: IOException[Operation not permitted]
[2015-07-13 14:52:06,592][INFO ][cluster.service ] [Sushi] new_master [Sushi][fFU7xPWSRYWT7DBAhIRZ8w][netserver1.galafassi.com.br][inet[/]], reason: zen-disco-join (elected_as_master)
[2015-07-13 14:52:06,617][INFO ][http ] [Sushi] bound_address {inet[/]}, publish_address {inet[/]}
[2015-07-13 14:52:06,617][INFO ][node ] [Sushi] started
[2015-07-13 14:52:06,632][INFO ][gateway ] [Sushi] recovered [0] indices into cluster_state
[2015-07-13 14:58:13,763][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] creating index, cause [api], templates [], shards [1]/[0], mappings []
[2015-07-13 14:58:14,394][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] create_mapping [product]
[2015-07-13 14:58:15,430][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:15,872][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:16,244][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:17,117][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:17,755][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:17,990][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:18,233][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:18,751][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:19,980][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:21,529][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:21,750][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:22,122][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:22,301][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:22,577][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:22,783][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:22,949][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:23,138][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:23,307][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:23,485][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:23,645][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:23,793][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:23,944][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:24,097][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:24,258][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:25,137][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)
[2015-07-13 14:58:25,212][INFO ][cluster.metadata ] [Sushi] [penseforte] update_mapping [product] (dynamic)

Is that all?


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going through your log files, just a guess,

multicast not permit in network, consider using unicast?

also, your jvm java-1.7.0-oracle- look old, iirc, there were several report about lucene not working properly in version before jdk7u40. hence try update to the current latest? jdk7u80?

then try to start this node again to see if the node can be start without core dump?

hth and good luck

Did you manage to find a solution for this?

This is a pretty old topic, might be easier if you create a new one with your issue :slight_smile:

I have installed java and Elasticsearch from source.

Thanks. I will give that a go.

Updating Java to 1.8 seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks.