Elasticsearch index name with date/time


I have created a index as "test-000001" and alias as "test_search"
I have given rollover action as below

action: rollover
description: >-
Rollover the index associated with alias 'aliasname', which should be in the
form of prefix-000001 (or similar), or prefix-YYYY.MM.DD-1.
name: test_search
max_age: 1h

Every 1 hour, its creating index as test-000002, test-000003, etc.

But I prefer to have date instead of 000001

I saw i can give newindex : test-{now/d{YYYY.MM.dd.HH}}-1. But how to create a first index with same format?? Means right now I manually create first index as
PUT test-000001

I'm searching something like

PUT test-YYYY.MM.dd.HH

Is it possible???

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