Elasticsearch Service won’t start

I am trying to start Elasticsearch, but I am getting this error!

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Anyway here the problem seems to be a malformed elasticsearch.yml.

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Thanks for you respond.

I know, but I cant copy from the server and past the outside for the server.

Regarding the problem I checked Elasticsearch.yml. But I didn't understand the problem I reviewed the format for every line in configuration file but I am still getting this error.


Is this a new fresh installation or an upgrade? Also what version ?


You have a syntax error in your Elasticsearch.yml file.

Please post your Elasticsearch.yml file ... As text not an image.

Figure out a way to do it and perhaps we can help.

If it is not possible to provide the Elasticsearch.yml file, an alternative would be to start with a fresh configuration file and not use the corrupt file, if you cannot find where the corruption is. There is usually a default or reference file in the current directory you can use to check.

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