Filter keep_types not working with pattern tokenizer

Hello, I am having a problem using the "keep_types" filter with a "pattern" tokenizer, here is an example:

      "tokenizer": {
        "type": "pattern",
        "pattern": "[()., _-]"
      "filter": [
          "type": "keep_types",
          "types": [ "<ALPHANUM>" ]
      "text": [
        "7002982065_8031949292_Bomba (Vácuo,pressão) - Suryha.pdf"

The result against the _analyze API is:

    "tokens": []

If I remove the keep_types it works as intended.

I also noted it works fine if I use the "standard" analyzer, but in this case, it wouldn't tokenize the text in the desired way.

I am using version 6.8, but also tried in 7.5 with same results...

Any ideas?

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