Filters not disppearing when removed

I have set my Kibana to pin all filters by default. But now I can't seem to get rid of them again.

I have multiple linked dashboards, and the following screenshots show my way through them and how the filters suddenly reappear. Here on the first one I have unpinned and deleted all filters. It is my understanding, that they should be gone from all dashboards now:

Now when I change dashboard, one filter appears:

Furthermore when I reach my "Department" it remembers a filter I used yesterday

And if I remove every filter manually here on "Department", and go back to "Total", the filters does not appear on "Total", but when I go to "Department" again, they are all back.

I've tried reloading Kibana and removing "pinned by default" and reloading, but neither has helped. What am I doing wrong here?

What are the links Total, Time and so on linking to exactly? Pinned filters are expected to "travel" along with your navigation through Kibana, so if you want to have filters only locally on a dashboard, you should make them non-pinned and then save them along with the dashboard (add them in edit mode when on the dashboard, then press save).

Pinned filters are not saved like this, but they become part of the URL, so if you pinned filters on a dashboard and then copied the whole URL, that's where they are keep coming back from.

Then links should only link to the id of the dashboard, e.g. http://your-kibana-host/app/kibana#/dashboard/edf84fe0-e1a0-11e7-b6d5-4dc382ef7f5b (without the long tail after the question mark: ?_g=(filters:!(),refreshInterval:(pause:!f,value:900000....) .

Let me know whether this helps.

The links are exactly links to other dashboards, but I have ensured, they are only the dashboard IDs:

[Total](#/dashboard/d11c2210-644e-11ea-aa72-c1ffd1b26c5f)	|	[Time](#/dashboard/6b02c490-6456-11ea-aa72-c1ffd1b26c5f)	|	[Weekday](#/dashboard/8029f9d0-644f-11ea-aa72-c1ffd1b26c5f)	|	[Month](#/dashboard/81141640-6450-11ea-aa72-c1ffd1b26c5f)	|	[User](#/dashboard/42748900-6456-11ea-aa72-c1ffd1b26c5f)	|	[Department]...

It is the point, that the filters should follow the user from one dashboard to another, but it is also the point that if I delete a filter, it will not pop up again when I go to the next dashboard.

I just tried to clear my browser cache in case it was doing something, but the problem persists.

I just tried to reproduce the problem locally but for me the filters are cleared out correctly. Could you try whether cleaning your session helps (closing your browser window and opening Kibana again)?

If that doesn't do the trick, which Kibana version and Browser are you currently using? Do you have session storage or any other settings enabled? Are any browser plugins active that could interfere with page navigation?

@flash1293 The problem persists even in an incognito browser, and across users. My collegue experience the same problem on his laptop. The problem also shows up in Firefox.

I am using Chrome as browser and the Kibana version is 7.5.2

In Advanced settings I have set PinnedByDefault and changed the default time range to 3 years instead of 15 minutes.

Another observation: If I export the dashboards and import them to another space (completely new, without any settings customised), the problem persists.
Which also means that something can be pinned by default without the setting being set to that in the settings, I guess.

Found the problem!

It seems that I had been editing the layout of some of the dashboards while a filter was active, which then saved those filters to that dashboard. I simply wasn't attentive enough about deleting all the filters, before saving the dashboard again.

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