Forcemerge API max_num_segments=1 ok for my index?

(Dilip Kumar) #1

I have index (myindex) in cluster with two nodes, i am deleting some records with delete_by_query. Now i want to use
curl -XPOST to free disk space and mke lighter. so max_num_segments=1 is ok or anything else
i should do care.
How this API is different from _forcemerge?only_expunge_deletes=true
Which one will be better and faster?

(Ignacio Vera) #2

Force merge is recommended only to be run in read-only indices:

If you still want to run it to free space I would recommend to run it with only_expunge_deletes=true if your segment are not read-only as it will be faster and it will only merge segments with delete documents.