Geo_point issue, need help in identifying the issue

Hey Folks,

Can someone please help me on geo_point? I am using OSS version 7.2.1 and my data is properly being parsed and can see geo information however when I am plotting the geo map on Kibana this is giving me an error

The index pattern data-ip-* does not contain any of the following compatible field types: geo_point

However below is my Json Output

geoip.as_org Telecom Italia
**#**  geoip.asn 3,269
**t**  geoip.continent_code EU
**t**  geoip.country_code2 IT
**t**  geoip.country_code3 IT
**t**  geoip.country_name Italy
**t**  geoip.ip
**#**  geoip.latitude 43.148
**#** 43.148
**#**  geoip.location.lon 12.11
**#**  geoip.longitude 12.11
**t**  geoip.timezone Europe/Rome

Now my query is I dont see geoip-filter in elasticsearch; is this still necessary with version 7.2.1?

 /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin list

Blason R

Did you provide mapping for the index before loading data, possibly via a template? You need to define geoip.location in the mapping? It's also possible that the kibana index pattern was loaded before the field mapping was known, you can just refresh the index pattern to check.

I think on 7.x, the geoip ingest filter is built in and not a loaded plugin. It looks like the geoip lookup worked, you just have a mapping issue.

I thought so, but I am not so very well versed with mapping hence not sure how do I verify or in fact most importantly how do I rectify the issue.

Kibana index management has a way to view index mapping. You can't update index mapping, only for future indices. Are you doing daily indices, using ILM for rollover or is this a single index?

If you are doing daily or ILM, update or create a template that will apply the geo_point to the field and check after the next new index. To "fix" the old indices would require reindexing old to new where new has a template with the proper mapping (Or matches the same template).

Hi there,

The confusion I have is; whether that mapping is being taken care by Kibana or elasticsearch? I mean where confused about loading mapping?

And how do I see the mapping in pretty format and how I update it?

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