Geographical Map on Timeline

I have certain geographic data that is tied to a date time stamp. Is there a way to somehow show a route map or show a timeline of geographical areas? Like person A went from NYC to Boston to LA to Washington etc?


it depends on how your data is modeled.

If that "route" is represented as a Linestring in a geo_shape field (, you can map that trajectory on the Map.

If your data is modeled as individual points (each doc = one point at a location in time), you can plot those points still and filter using the global timefilter of kibana. The "route" would be a sequence of points. This blog might be a good intro for that:

My situation is the latter however in the blog post he is using google routes, and then he has a tab of GIS on Kibana. Which I dont see, is that a platinum license?

yes. If you download latest Kibana (7.x), you'll find the Maps app.

Those latter screenshots are taking from that application.

The license for Maps is basic, so it's free.

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