How to move $KIBANA_HOME from /usr/share/ to /data/

hi all.

i cant update ELK 7.4.1 to 7.4.2 due to [lack of] space in /usr/

Transaction check error:
  a instalação do pacote kibana-7.4.2-1.x86_64 precisa de 38MB no sistema de arquivos /usr

i have all ELK data in /data/

4,0K    /data/logstash
129M    /data/kibana
758G    /data/elasticsearch

but /usr/ is not very big and the ELK stack is taking all available space

329M    /usr/share/logstash
468M    /usr/share/elasticsearch
992M    /usr/share/kibana

is there a way to move $KIBANA_HOME from /usr/share/ to /data/ as well?

should i post this on github as well?

You can move the directories, but you will need to first stop the services.


wont kibana look for files in the old path?

is there a config in kibana.yml to set the new path?

or by move youre saying that i should create a symlink to /data/ after moving the files?

Oh, I see - these are the config directories, not the application directories. To move them for Kibana you will need to update in you kibana.yml


i already have configured to /data/kibana/ (with 129MB in it)

my current problem is /usr/share/kibana/ (992M), also known as $KIBANA_HOME

is there a path.home or anything similar in kibana.yml ?

so i could do something like

#$ mkdir /data/kibana/home/
#$ mv /usr/share/kibana/* /data/kibana/home/

and in kibana.yml /data/kibana/
path.home: /data/kibana/home/

i managed to make room for the update, but i'm still in need of a permanent solution.

any ideas?

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