How to run more than one Logstash pipelines on one server at the same time?

How to run more than one Logstash pipelines on one server at the same time?

I have more than one Logstash pipelines. I want to run them at the same time on one server.

list all of them in your pipelines.yml file

@ylasri I listed them, How to run them / command line?

Just start logstash service

Thanks @ylasri

my pipeline.yml:

run logstash service command:
systemctl start logstash.service

@ylasri is that right ?

The configuration is correct, are you having any issues?

I want to make sure all the logstash pipelines working correctly.

You need to check the logstash logs, if you do not have any error and logstash started correctly, then your pipelines are running.

The logstash logs are probably at /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log.

I retrieve the tail of /var/log/logstash/logstash-plain.log and got:

So, your logstash did not started for some reason, but what share is not enough to know the reason

Can you share more of the log? Also, do not share images, share the logs as plain text using the Preformatted button (</>) when composing the message.

could you see the log date it was yesterday not today. my last run is today.

Oh, I see, then the command systemctl start logstash did not work?

Did you ran it using sudo or are you logged in as root?

Try again: sudo systemctl start logstash and see what is the output, it will give an error if it does not start.

I Logged as a root user. I restart logstash service then I checked logstash-plain log file got this as I shared.

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