How to Sort Date in Kibana Visualization

Hi i am using kibana interface for visualization while i have a column date which contain 2 month dates but when i sort date ascending it does not sort the date in order wise. Can someone help me how to sort the date in kibana

now if you see the images the dates are not sorted first column show date 8/31/2019 then 10 then 9 please help

Hi Syed, you need to click the column header to sort it. From your image, it is showing that the column is not sorted in any order.

The arrow in the column should be pointing up to show that it is sorted in ascending order.

Zany if you look at the image

I have selected column date and it sorts ascending

Based on what I see, you have selected Metric: Count as your default sorting criteria in your configuration for this visualization. You should select your Date column instead.


Date datatype by default is showing string... For datatype change string to date i have to convert the date datatype into Date???

Yes, you should change to date type, otherwise it is going to sort alphanumerically. The best practice is to format your fields into the most fitting data type.

ok thank you my date format is 8/31/2019 so i have to put mm/dd/YYYY to convert ?

There are input format and output format. Assuming you are not going to change the format, you should use MM/D/YYYY. You can try it out in the preview box in the Index Pattern field setting.

Thank you

i have tried to convert date filed but it gives error

my date format is 8/31/2019
and i use date {
match => ["Date", "MM/dd/yyyy"]
target => "Date"

Issue has been resolved data format has been converted....

Please mark my reply as the correct answer if it helped. Thanks!

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