How to use pagination in Elastic Search SQL?


We are using elastic search SQL REST API.

POST /_sql?format=json
"query": "SELECT * FROM library limit 100"
If i use limit 0,100, its not working.
And, i want to use pagination in application. is there any way to use offset in query?
Any other way to achieve pagination functionality.


@KrishK Offset is not supported, but there is an issue created for that:

Regarding "pagination", in SQL world there is a similar approach using cursors. Behind the scene, for ES SQL, this is implemented using the scroll API. More about cursors here:

Thanks @Andrei_Stefan,

If we use cursor/Scroll API, is that possible to get results from the previous page?.


@KrishK no, it is not possible to go back.

Thanks @Andrei_Stefan.

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