I have two Machine, one has elastic, Logstash and kibana and other pc has filebeat, in one PC ELK stack is up and when i start filebeat to send log to logstasg it is not able to send

it is giving connection Error not able to connect to port.

I tried doing telnet for port it did not work. can you please tell me how I can change port to 8080 for logstash and filebeat.

Logstash config file

input {
beats {
type => beats
output {
elasticsearch { hosts => ["Ipaddess:9200"] }


file beat config file


  • type: log
    • C:/Logs/MainProgram.log

hosts: ["Ipaddress:5044"]

Could you please share the debug logs of Filebeat (./filebeat -e -d "*")?

I found i am not able to telnet to machine, i think port is not ope.

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