I want to change @timestamp value with my message timestamp value

Then you need to parse out the timestamp into a separate field and use a date filter. See this introductory guide for more information.

I want Start Time for 10E5F59F-A18D-4840-8E47-7A96F1417398 : As a message
and Wed, 27 Nov 2019 as timestamp

Publishing topic For D50CA1C2-CAF4-4822-9AF7-BF28065F15E5 Signal0 with value -0.287098 : Wed, 27 Nov 2019

Publishing topic For D50CA1C2-CAF4-4822-9AF7-BF28065F15E5 Signal0 with value -0.287098(Message)
Timestamp- Wed, 27 Nov 2019

how i will do seperation based on :

i tried filter {
dissect {
mapping => {
"message" => "%{msg}: %{timestamp}"
remove_field => [“message”]

got error -An exception happened when converging configuration {:exception=>RuntimeError, :message=>"Could not fetch the configuration, message: The following config files contains non-ascii characters but are not UTF-8 encoded ["D:/Logging/logstash-7.4.2/bin/logfile.conf"]", :backtrace=>["D:/Logging/logstash-7.4.2/logstash-core/lib/logstash/agent.rb:156:in converge_state_and_update'", "D:/Logging/logstash-7.4.2/logstash-core/lib/logstash/agent.rb:97:in execute'", "D:/Logging/logstash-7.4.2/logstash-core/lib/logstash/runner.rb:368:in block in execute'", "D:/Logging/logstash-7.4.2/vendor/bundle/jruby/2.5.0/gems/stud-0.0.23/lib/stud/task.rb:24:in block in initialize'"]}

i m using 7.4.2 version

You can use grok or a dissect filter as described in the blog I linked to.


Wed 27 Nov 2019 10:46:58:589 : Published message For 3024AEA2-D317-4CBD-BFBC-1ED982E33D43 For Topic Signal0 0.432248

filter {
dissect {
mapping => { "message" => "%{ts} %{+ts} %{+ts} %{+ts} %{+ts} : %{msg}" }

it is working for me, i want to change data type for ts. coz i want to sort value based on ts.

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