Implementing ElasticSearch

(Prateek Varma) #1

Newbie here :smile:
I'm trying to see the best match for my search function, which is based on PHP and Mysql.
I am currently trying SphinxSearch, which looks quite promising, and i have to include some code in my application to make it work - which i still am.

Recently i came across a managed server, and they seem to be implementing ElasticSearch out out of the box! .. Just select the checkbox, and ElasticSearch is on!

So, it sounded amazing, and i have an account with them. My question is - don't i have to include anything on my code???

I mean i can see ElasticSearch banging on my RAM pretty bad, and it's acceptable as long as it does the job. My web app is quite small right now, and user-wise im not sure if the search is getting better results.

Any thoughts people, does elasticsearch not need any changes in my website code?

(Mark Walkom) #2

That's a bit vague, if your service provides ES then chances are they have integrated into it.
But you should really ask them.

(Prateek Varma) #3

ElasticSearch does run in the port :9200, and yes i've been trying to ask them. Their usual support agents say it's just the default config,
But here's my question - Does just installing and making ElasticSearch run does the job to make it handle my searches?

As i have mentioned earlier, SphinxSearch requires me to add things to my code as well, besides installing and configuring my server.

(John D. Ament) #4

Elasticsearch will perform searches for you. You need something to actually call elasticsearch. I would imagine your application code does that part. Elasticsearch has no user-facing UI.

(Prateek Varma) #5

Thank you for your input. My searches are strictly based on MySql. And that's where my doubt lies. They do not have anything to do with elasticsearch, at the moment... i was confused reading the documentation, so posted here.

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