Kibana Dashboard - listen for filter changes

In my current project, we have Kibana Dashboard implemented trough iframe inside our parent app. This works fine, but I need to listen for events like search or filtering.

Kibana is saving those changes inside sessionStorage - key -> dashboardStateManagerPanels

I cannot listen for changes inside storage for current tab (that's how JS storage API works), and fire whatever code I need in that moment.
So the only other solution is some kind of timer that will ping value from that storage to parent app (we need those filters for other purpose inside parent app).

Is there any API that I can hook on, to listen filtering changes directly from Kibana instead snooping on sessionStorage and using brute force timer?
btw. We can inject our code into Kibana trough our custom proxy

Hello @preska,
unfortunately I don't think it is possible. For pinned filters (the ones shared across all apps) we change URL so you could listen for url change. But for the rest of them there is no way of checking them externally as far as I know of except for the checking their state periodically how you suggested.

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