Kibana UI(7.4.2) is very slow

Installed kibana using yum, configured to forward requests to three back-end elastic-search nodes. kibana UI is very slow, it is taking time to load, tried to modified openfile descriptors, it is not picking up values. please let me know how to improve kibana UI performance.

updated max-old-space-size value, it did not improve any performance of UI.

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Sorry to hear this, could you add some details? E.g the specs of the system you've installed Kibana on. What is slow? The initial load? the UI responsiveness? the data fetching?

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Thank you for reply.
I have three elastic search nodes(acting as master and data nodes)
two kibana nodes-2 CPU and 8 GB RAM.

Slowness is observed during initial load of kibana UI and navigating in UI.
Data fetching is ok, i did not observe much slowness.

Thanks, which browser are you using, which operating system?

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