Kubernetes dashboard shows no data - v7.4.2

Hello Team,

I've just started exploring ELK stack for monitoring EKS clusters across our environments and have setup metricbeat to gather system and kubernetes metrics and send it to internally hosted logstash endpoint and I am able to see the data being pushed to elasticsearch as I can see the hostnames in kibana.

The problem is that I am not able to get the kubernetes dashboard to work. I selected

  1. Add metric data
  2. Selected kubernetes module
  3. Checked if data is being received. It said yes.
  4. Selected "View kubernetes dashboard"

I get all blank/zero values. Could you please point me in the direction to fix this.

ElasticSearch Version : 7.4.2
Metricbeat Version: 7.4.2



Kibana Dashboard:

When I click on the kubernetes module, it leads me to a ECS overview labelled dashboard. Is this correct?

Hi @Yashwanth_Yellapraga :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you check in the "Discover" tab, inside Kibana if you have logs there? Remember to point to a time range where Metricbeat was up and running in your cluster.

Also, the Metricbeat configuration file is helpful. Remember that you can format it with markdown when pasting.


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