Looking for a complete list of ansible-elasticsearch variables

Greetings all!

I am working with the ansible-elasticsearch Ansible playbook from https://github.com/elastic/ansible-elasticsearch. I'm relatively new to Ansible and very new to this playbook. I can get the playbook to start but it quickly fails due to an undefined variable. The GitHub site referenced above lists some of the variables used in the playbook, but not all of them, and of course the undefined variable I've encountered is one of those not listed. Is there, somewhere, a complete list of the variables used in this playbook? It'd be super if the list included some idea of what the values of the variables might be for different use cases, but that might be asking too much. My use case, for example, is in a standalone network, so when (as an example of what I'm running into) es_repo_base is defined as "https://artifacts.elastic.co" that's not going to work, and I'm looking for guidance as to what would be an appropriate substitution for that URL.

Hi @RLPowellJr,

  • We don't have an exhaustive and documented list of ansible-elasticsearch variables, however defaults/main.yml should cover 90% of them while files in vars/ should cover the last 10%.

  • By standalone network, do you mean without Internet access?
    In this case, you should use es_use_repository=false to avoid configuring Elastic https://artifacts.elastic.co repository and es_custom_package_url=<path to your elasticsearch package to install Elasticsearch package from a local directory or web server available in your local network.

Don't hesitate to paste your Ansible playbook and logs, if you have other questions.

Thanks for that info - it's helped with our progress!

Yes, our system/enclave is without Internet access. Makes it a little more "interesting" to get some functionalities running, but such is life. I'll likely be coming back here to ask more questions. Having an Ansible playbook for installing Elasticsearch is going to tremendously useful, but the sheer number of configuration options inside of ES means there's a lot of customization that can go into that playbook. Funfunfun!

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