Multiple Kubernetes Clusters using a single Kibana Dashboard


i am trying to get multiple kubernetes cluster ( Azure) on Kibana Dasboard.
At the moment i have only one cluster which is showing on kibana

I deployed it with kubernetes-metricbeat.yaml file.

  - apiserver
   hosts: ["}"] 

Does anyone can help me here where and how i have to add in the yaml file 2 or more cluster? Does anyone did such tasks before?

@Swathi12 you can run metricbeat on other K8s cluster and configure it to send metrics to your existing ES cluster for ingestion. Essentially you need a metricbeat running in an environment for which you want to poll metrics on. Once the data is present, it's pretty easy to update the visualizations of your dashboards using the identifier fields or may be create a separate dashboard for each cluster altogether.

do i need to install on a seperate cluster metricbeat? i think its called ECK ?

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