Multiple "service" in same JVM

I am using the Java agent in a project that use Apache Spark, the Java program it-self is a Spark driver (same JVM).

Since Apache Spark doesnot implement Open Tracing, I am using Spark listener to log Spark events such as task start, stage start etc... I create spans, which is ok.

But I would like to create another service "spark", is it possible to have 2 services in same JVM ? ("application" and "spark")

Hi Thomas :wave:
At the moment, it is not possible to separate traces coming from the same JVM into separate services manually.
However, what I can suggest is using different types for your application transactions and Spark transactions through the API. Then, you would be able to toggle between them through the transaction type dropdown filter. You can also set the type if you are using the @CaptureTransaction API.
I hope this helps.

Hello, thanks you.

Yes, I tried this, but I didnt manage to "join" transactions, as a result the Spark transaction doesnot appear.

I tried:

final Transaction pipelineTransaction = this.getTransactionByPipeline(job.getPipeline());
final Map<String, String> headers = MyMapUtils.mapString("elastic-apm-traceparent", pipelineTransaction.getTraceId());

final Transaction t = ElasticApm
    .setName(job.getPipeline().getName() + " - " + job.getId());

I can see the transaction in the menu, but no relation between app and spark transactions.

Now I use spans, it works fine:

Am I using this goodly?

Hi @ebuildy,

Could you elaborate on what do you mean by "join" transactions here ?

Transactions are top-level items that break down into spans (db calls, external call to an HTTP API, spark job, ...).

Thus, if you have spark jobs that are triggered outside of any application transaction, they aren't monitored. What you have above is a spark task/job that is triggered from within an HTTP transaction.

This seems to be Ok for me, is the data above consistent with your knowledge about application architecture and internals ?

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