Nest Field no longer support MemberExpressions

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We are a team that are currently migrating from a 6.4 to a new 7.4 Elastic cluster.
While upgrading our application to use Nest 7.4 we found a breaking change that is not noted in the current documentation: Member Expression only

If a Member Expression is used in the Field constructor in Nest version 7.4, an Exception will be thrown!

The change, that causes this problem can be found here:
Github change

We have found a "workaround" for this, by creating a Lambda Expression from a Member Expression before passing it to the Field constructor.

A suggestion is that you either update the documentation or rollback the change :slight_smile:


Thanks for raising this @slayme89; would you mind opening an issue on the GitHub repository? I suspect that this constraint might need relaxing further.


Okey I have now created this: Github issue

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