Output of `logstash -e 'input { stdin { } } output { stdout {} }'`

Testing a new 7.5.0 setup. Brand new. Logstash doc says test it with

logstash -e 'input { stdin { } } output { stdout {} }'

and then enter "hello world" after logstash says "pipeline is started" and I should see a line

2013-11-21T01:22:14.405+0000 hello world

But I see a json formatted output in the terminal. Is this the supposed the result instead? Everything is fresh install on the system.

"@version" => "1",
"message" => "Hello World",
"host" => "testnode1",
"@timestamp" => 2019-12-02T20:37:08.373Z


Yes, the default codec used by a stdout output is now rubydebug. In the past that was not true, it was (I think) "plain" which would give the message format you quote.

Right. Got the point.
part of the testing is using output
stdout { codec => rubydebug }

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