RDS to Elasticsearch - Setting up Logstash in a highly available/redundant architecture

I am looking into a highly available solution to feed in AWS RDS transactions into my Elasticsearch repository. There are some articles on this topic. For example:

But this is not a flexible and agile in the long-term for changes. It seems that the best way to do this is through AWS DMS. The AWS documentation seems to imply using Logstash. I have seen the following article:

This article seems promising. But I have some concerns. For example, what happens if the node goes down. How can we save and keep track of the value for "tracking_column" which is stored on disk at .logstash_jdbc_last_run.

Can we store this value in a database because it seems that only one instance of Logstash can be used at a time with this setup.

Thanking you in advance for any help.

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