Reindexing increase the size of the reindexed index

Dear all
After i reindex some index of mine most of their size increase like double and sometime the indexing doesnot work
Can someone explain to to why?

Thanks very much

just a wild guess: Did you create index beforehand with the exact same mapping than the source index? Also you can try to run a flush after reindexing.


well i reindex because i need to have different mapping so i create index with difference mapping

and could this be the cause of increased disk usage? What changes did you do?

i only change the mapping of some field to ip and long

Did you run a flush command? If you want to compare the two indices side by side, there is a dedicated tool - however please take the time to read the readme (I suppose this is not on production so everything should be fine, but you might need some more disk space).

I havent use the flush command because i already run the reindexing before i write this post
I will look into that tools, thanks
and thought i have read the doc on the flush command i still not sure how it will help me figure how reindexing took so much more space

regarding flushing the index. I remembered an issue in slightly older elasticsearch versions, where a flush was required in order to free some resources.

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