Set vertical bars in Kibana Timelion of static height

Hi there,
I want to place vertical bars on my timelion. These bars can have static heights or may cover the Y-axis. I know we can place horizontal lines but is the same possible for vertical lines?

Hey @Aditya_Saxena,

This unfortunately isn't possible. The only "workaround" available is to draw another series as a bar chart instead of a line, but it doesn't give you much control over the display, as you're at the mercy of your data:

.es(index=kibana_sample_data_ecommerce, timefield=order_date).add(-5).bars(2).color(red),
.es(index=kibana_sample_data_ecommerce, timefield=order_date).color(blue)

The first series draws the bar chart to simulate vertical lines, while the second series is the actual chart you're interested in rendering:

Hey Larry, thanks for your quick reply.
What I'm going for here is - separate vertical lines that will divide the graph in sections
on X-Axis. For Example suppose on X-Axis I have a 12 months of the year. Then I want to place
only 3 vertical lines (lets say on April, September and November) on the graph.
I don't want to place these lines anywhere else.

I tried playing around with the trick you mentioned but couldn't cut the bars a/c my needs. Can you help and guide the way of achieving this please

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