Student Introduction for GSOC'20

Hello Everyone
I am Vidhu Bhardwaj , Studying in 3rd year at Delhi Technological University ( Formerly DCE) (New Delhi , India) and I am excited to contribute to Elastic as my Gsoc organization.
I have the desired skills required for Project 2 in the idea list " Playground / Toggle System for Live Documentation ". I have good knowledge of Reactjs, JavaScript and web development.
I have a query for the mentors that because I am so late to join the community , and proposal date is just 4 days ahead. How can I show my skills and my ability to stand out a chance to join the team? And Do I have a chance if I submit proposal this late.
Thank you


Since we don't know what proposals we will be getting, there is way of knowing today who has a chance and who hasn't. See for the mandatory parts around an application — most importantly the PR and the application on the GSoC platform.

I looked at ElasticUI and read the Documentation and I am sure I would be comfortable with the domain. I'll be making a PR soon. When can I send my application for the review and to whom exactly?

Add it on the GSoC platform as a shared draft and we can see it there.