Swiftype Help with "from" filter


I'm attempting to use the "from" filter to look for pages that have a value present. "filter requires values parameter." is the error I'm seeing.


Hi @mjordan , welcome to the community!

Assuming that page.clink is an integer field, you will need a Range Query for that:

  "auth_token": "xxxxxx",
  "q": "",
  "fetch_fields": null,
  "per_page": 160,
  "page": 1,
  "sort_field": {
    "page": "title"
  "sort_direction": {
    "page": "asc"
  "filters": {
    "page": {
      "clink": {
        "type": "range",
        "from": 1

Make sure the "type": "range" is specified in the filter.

See Filtering in the Swiftype documentation for additional details.

Let me know whether this helps!

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