Tag cloud as a filter

I want to use tag cloud as a filter in a dashboard for histograms and display substrings in cloud.

I've added a script to JSON input field
"script": {
"inline": "doc['_index'].value.substring(3) ",
"lang": "painless"

Let "123indexname" be an index name.
After adding that JSON input it displays "indexname" in tag cloud

When I click on this tag in a dashboard, the filter condition "_index = indexname" appears there. But I want to filter it by full name. So "_index = 123indexname" condition should appear after click on "indexname" tag in tag cloud.

How to do it?

Hmm I don't think this will quite work as you expect. What you could do alternatively is create a scripted field and use the same script, then when you click to filter in the tag cloud the filter will be made on the scripted field and should work. (Leave out the JSON input in that scenario.)

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