Using APM with latest Apollo Server and Apollo Server Express results into "Unknown routes"

Hello people,

we recently switched from AWS Elasticsearch Service to the one and due to this change we also wanted to give APM a try. But unfortunately it does not seem to work because of we're using a GraphQL setup (Apollo Server / Apollo Server Express).

I already tried to switch back to the versions shown on the supported technologies page but this didn't go well.

Right now we have the common "unknown route" problem.

Is anyone out there using the stuff with the latest apollo-server-express and apollo-server version? In our case this is 2.9.3 or is there anything else I could check?

Apart from that, logging of knex (what we also use) and some other packages works fine.




I believe you'll need to set the route when the context is setup with apm.setTransactionName("/"); or you could change the / to the query/mutation name - this is what we are doing.

Best, Matthew

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