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Not sure if this is an ECE or just general Elasticsearch query, but I'm trying to set up watchers on node stats e.g. check JVM heap not using over 80%.

Is there a way to do this using the search input. I know it would be possible with a Http input but then I have to worry about authenticating to the cluster which isn't ideal.

*additional query
If I use the http request, like below, the payload has a node ID in it (see below)

"payload": {
  "nodes": {
    "s59clI5ORciYdbW16QOPfg": {
       "timestamp": 1548936254192,

Is there a way of

  • creating a watcher that would loop through all of the nodes and alert on values in the node if a condition met
  • If not "moving into" the node without having to specify the key in the watcher


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