Couchdb_changes index only doc field from event

The reason I say regression is because there have been no changes to couchdb_changes plugin since 1.5.x, and there have been many changes to the elasticsearch plugin since then. It all worked quite well in 1.5.x. I'm just sayin'...

What do you think about my proposal?

@theuntergeek ?

Sorry, I'm swamped. I'll do some tests and update when I can.

Any news regarding this issue?


It is not forgotten. Please be patient with us. We're a small team.


After some internal discussion, we're going to update the Elasticsearch output plugin in two ways.

  1. "Alternate root" will allow the elasticsearch output plugin to have a particular sub-object as the new root level of the document to be sent. This will address cases like the current couchdb_changes plugin where a field, such as the doc field, was being used with doc_as_upsert to avoid including the Logstash metadata fields.

  2. "Strip the Logstash metadata" (don't know what flag/option name this will be yet). This will remove the @timestamp and @version fields from an outbound event so that Elasticsearch will not have those fields. This allows the couchdb_changes plugin code (or any other plugin) to send raw data instead of having to use a dedicated field.

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stil open issue


Is there any solution/workaround to this issue? My team and I are looking forward to migrate from the deprecated rivers but all our queries expect the CouchDB document in the root, having the contents nested under "doc:{}" is a stopper. Can we help to get this fixed?