Release announcements, end of life notifications and other bits about Elastic products that we think will be useful to everyone.


Any questions regarding Beats, forwarders and shippers for various types of data.


Any questions related to Elasticsearch, including specific features, language clients and plugins.


Everything related to your favorite centralized logging platform, including plugins and recipes.


All things about visualizing data in Elasticsearch & Logstash, including how to use Kibana and extending the platform.


Everything related to the Infrastructure app – Filebeat and Metricbeat, modules, Kibana dashboards, and using the Kibana Infrastructure app.


Everything related to the Logs app – setup with Filebeat, Filebeat modules, and using the Kibana Logs app.


Everything related to APM – whether it is the APM Server, the Kibana dashboards, or the agents.

App Search

App Search is a search solution that simplifies the building of rich search experiences for software applications of every kind — from ecommerce websites, to SaaS applications, to mobile apps.

Site Search

Site Search (powered by Swiftype) provides all the tools you need to build a powerful search experience for your website, without the learning curve. All that, at scale, backed by Elasticsearch.


For X-Pack related questions, please go to the Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana or Beats categories and use then tag your topic with the related functionality.

Elastic Cloud Enterprise

The Elastic Cloud Enterprise forum is dedicated to all questions related to Elastic’s on-premise Elastic Stack service.

Hadoop and Elasticsearch

Questions about Elasticsearch and all things Hadoop (Map/Reduce, Hive, Pig, Cascading, Spark and friends)

Elastic In Your Native Tongue

If you'd rather ask your question in a language other than English, you've come to the right place!

Elastic Community and Ecosystem

Connect with your fellow Elastic community members with meetups, user groups, conferences and more.

Meta Elastic

Have feedback on this discussion forum and how it could be improved? Start here.

Security Announcements

Top level category to house subcategories for security announcements for the Elastic stack.