Filebeat holding deleted files which consumes disk space

Filebeat process in the server is holding the deleted files which are forwarded by logstash forwarder which makes the server disk space full. Currently a cron job is in place to restart filebeat at regular intervals. But team demands a permanent solution for this. Filebeat version we used is below.
filebeat version 1.2.3 (386)

Below is our filebeat.yml file.

            - /var/log/apache/*.log

          input_type: log

          fields_under_root: true
          ignore_older: 1h
          close_older: 30m
          document_type: logs

I have tried to enable close_removed flag as well. But that didn't help. Please help in resolving this issue.

@arya For a more permanent solution, I recommend upgrading to Filebeat 5.4 (it's compatible with ES 2.x) and use the close_timeout option. Set it to a value higher than your rotation interval.

Also, consider that if Filebeat is holding onto files for so long, it means that the output is often blocked. Perhaps your Logstash/Elasticsearch clusters are under-provisioned?

Thanks Tudor.

So version 1.2.3 doesn't support close_timeout option?
This problem is there only for files which are deleted. All the other files getting forwarded successfully. So that means Logstash/Elasticsearch clusters working as expected right?

Hi ,

Will filebeat locks the files if logstash is down in the receiving end? I couldnot telnet from my filebeat server to logstash.


If close_timeout is not set, a blocking output can cause Filebeat to keep the files open forever, which means the OS can't delete them. Does that answer the question?

yes.. thank you.

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