Filebeat service hangs on first start amazon ec2

(Tudor Golubenco) #21

I uploaded snapshot versions using the patched go-daemon here. Please give these a try.

(Tudor Golubenco) #22

Hmm, while testing I realized that stopping doesn't work and starting can result in duplicates. So maybe don't try them yet, I'll look into what's wrong.

(Brice Miramont) #23

ok thx, I'll wait

(Tudor Golubenco) #24

Ok, I re-uploaded the files. Seems to work fine in my tests now, can you check if it solves your issue?

(Brice Miramont) #25

ok, I'll try a fresh deployment. thank you

(Brice Miramont) #26

ok it works perfectly. thank you very much.

What is your deployement plan ? For how long will the URL that you provided to me be available ?
will you publish a patched version of filebeat and topbeat soon ?

thank you again, saved my day(week)


(Tudor Golubenco) #27

Cool, good news. I will open a PR to go-daemon, hopefully it will be accepted soon. If it's not quickly accepted but looks good in our tests (seems so), we can still use a forked version until the path is accepted.

So unless we discover problems with it, it should be in our next patch release (1.2.2) which will be released probably around end of April.

I'd say you can use the packages I provided until we release 1.2.2. It's actually just 1.2.1 with the go-daemon binary swapped. I'll leave the files around until we release 1.2.2.

(Brice Miramont) #28

ok that's great. I'll use the url provided until 1.2.2 is released then.

have a nice day.


(Francis Lau) #29


We are running into the same issue too. The link below no longer lists the files:

Is the patch in the nightly builds below? If not, how can get the patched builds for Top, File and Packet Beats?

Francis Lau

(Brice Miramont) #30

hi, the files disappeared so my deployements went all down.
But I have the files, you can get them here :

I use them in my .ebextensions script so I will leave them here until the .1.2.2 is released and qualified.



(Tudor Golubenco) #31

Sorry about that, an unreleated cleanup in the nightlies S3 buckets removed them. All chances are that 1.2.2 is coming out today!

(Jeffkirk1) #32


Is this an officially supported location for the Filebeats apps? I was just trying to find an official statement on where I can get the RPMs for installation on Elastic Beanstalk in the regular docs. Is this documented anywhere? I'm actually looking for the DEB packages as well.


Jeff Kirk

(Andrew Kroh) #33

Repos for 1.X:

There will be a separate repo for 5.X after the GA release.

(Brice Miramont) #34

Hi, no it's not an official location. It's the one I use for bootstrapping my EBS apps. Binaries are from a legit elastic dev though (thx again tudor :sunglasses:)
filebeat 1.2.3 is out now, I'll do some testing to see if the patch is in the release and I'll change my bottstrap but I'll leave the files in my s3 bucket just in case.

(system) #35