Fixed date-time for all record

I want to start ingesting record at lets say 10:05 and keep same timestamp to all the record.

i.e first record come in at 2020-03-08T10:05 and last record at 2020-03-08T10:10 but I want same time for all record.
it can be different field or replace @timestamp either is fine

how do I do this?
is there filter that define date like start time of logstash pipeline execute?

See this post.

I read it I didn't understand it properly.
or I didn't explain properly on what I am after.

basically I am running jdbc to pull data from database
there are lets say 1000 record come in. there is no date field that I am pulling. hence @timestamp is automatically added there.
but it is different from 1st record to 1000th record. I was same date-time field there.

lets say I define one date-time and assign that for all 1000 record.
is that possible?

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